3 Things Workers' Compensation Lawyers Can Do For You

Posted on: 1 December 2021

On the surface, workers' compensation claims seem simple: if you are injured at work, and the injury is not due to the negligence of your employer or another third party, then you can file for workers' compensation paid out by your employer's insurance provider. However, for many employees, frustrating complications soon arise. For example, it is often the case that workers' claims are rejected outright, or that the total amount of compensation sought for an injury is denied, and only a partial amount is offered. In circumstances such as these, it is hugely advantageous to hire a workers' compensation lawyer, who will work to do a number of things on your behalf. Take a look below at just three of the biggest ways that they can help.

Getting Proper Medical Attention

There are a myriad of ways in which getting proper medical attention after an injury at work is difficult. You may not know which hospital you should go to, or if you can trust the doctors recommended by your company. In fact, you may have already paid one a visit, but received a careless examination that cleared you for work. In all of these cases, workers' compensation attorneys can work to get you thorough, trusted medical attention from qualified physicians. Because so many workers' compensation claims are denied on the grounds of insufficient medical evidence, working with a lawyer is worth it for this reason alone.

Evaluating a Settlement

If your claim has not been rejected by an insurance provider, then they will return to you with a settlement offer. While this offer may seem satisfactory at first glance, it is good to keep in mind that it is not in the best financial interest of insurance companies to award you the maximum possible amount. One of the most important ways a workers' compensation attorney can help you is by evaluating the settlement in a variety of ways. They can place the settlement in the context of other, similar cases, while also making sure that you are compensated accordingly for temporary or even permanent disability benefits. 

Representing You at Trial

If for whatever reason you cannot come to an agreement with a workers' compensation insurance provider, then your case is likely to go to trial. Here, an attorney can present further evidence, witness testimony, and develop motions, or written requests, for why you deserve the benefits denied thus far. Without an attorney, you may lose your case, and be forced to appeal.

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