4 Instances To Engage The Services Of A Slip And Fall Injury Attorney

Posted on: 17 March 2021

Slips and falls are accidental, but you can demand compensation if the accident results from another person's negligence. However, the insurer might be unwilling to award you the compensation you deserve. In such a situation, you need the expertise of a seasoned slip and fall injury attorney. Below are some instances when you'll need to hire a legal expert: 

1. When the Amount Offered as a Quick Settlement Cannot Cover Medical Expenses 

Many insurance companies offer quick and cheap compensation for fall and slip injuries. They try to cover hospital bills quickly to avoid paying high compensation in the event your injuries escalate. This offer is often tempting even though the amount cannot adequately cover your ongoing medical expenses.

A slip and fall accident lawyer helps you calculate the amount of compensation you deserve. They provide compelling evidence to disqualify quick and low compensation from the insurer or the liable party.

2. When No One of the Parties Involved Wants to Accept Liability

Before getting to court, those liable for the accident can easily deny liability. Liable parties in a fall and slip accident are mostly companies, business owners, and landlords. They may attempt to make unverifiable claims to deny you compensation. For instance, a manager can claim that you were not at the assigned workplace when the accident occurred. 

A slip and fall injury attorney has a deep understanding of the law and will argue the case in the best way possible to ensure favorable compensation. 

3. When the Extent of Injuries Is Too Far and Comprises Ongoing Medical Attention

You can skip hiring a lawyer if you suffer a mere muscle strain or sprain. In such situations, the quick offer by the insurance company is the best alternative. 

However, in a situation involving severe medical complications such as TBI and concussions, engaging a proficient slip and fall injury attorney is crucial. They will ensure you receive the rightful compensation for your current and future medical expenses and wage loss. 

4. When There Is Proof of Negligence on the Part of the Liable Party

Being aware of dangerous and hazardous conditions and failing to fix them amounts to ignorance. The responsible party, whether a company or landlord, should be held liable for the injuries you've incurred due to their negligence. 

Total or partial denial of fall injury liability by property owners or companies requires you to hire an injury attorney to help you build a strong claim and obtain full compensation. 

Contact a local slip and fall injury lawyer if you have questions about your case.


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