How to Know if You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted on: 2 October 2020

Not all personal injuries need legal intervention, but you might find that your situation requires action. To help you determine whether you may have a case that is suitable for the hiring of a personal injury lawyer, you will want to read on. This way, should you suspect that you do have a need for help from a personal injury attorney, you will be able to retain one as soon as possible.

You Have to Miss a Lot of Work

The more work you miss, the more money you miss out on. Even if you are only going to be out of work for a couple of weeks, that can be a lot of money missed out on, especially if you do not have any paid sick days left. Also, you will want to consider the days of work that you have to miss for follow-up doctor's appointments even once you are officially allowed back to work. Why should you have to go without all of that money when the accident was not your fault? With the help of a personal injury attorney, you may be able to get the person or company that is liable to pay your missed wages. So, if you are missing more than a day or two of work, you may want to speak with a local lawyer.

An Attorney That Isn't Your Own Is Calling You 

You will want to seek out legal advice should you start receiving calls or letters from an attorney that represents the person or company that is at fault for your accident. They might make it seem like it's all your fault or that their client is willing to give a little money, but not much, and that that's all you are really entitled to. Their goal is to do what's best for their client and that might mean giving you less than you are entitled to. You do not want to have to struggle with lost wages, medical bills, and the replacement of personal property that was destroyed in the accident all on your own. If you are getting such calls or you are being presented with documents to sign, do not agree to anything and get in touch with a lawyer of your own.

Make sure that you are sitting down for a consultation with the lawyer that you are thinking of retaining. This will help to make sure that they will be the best fit for your personal injury case.

For more information about how a personal injury lawyer can help, contact a local practice.


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