Five Workplace Injury Myths Busted

Posted on: 3 June 2020

Unsurprisingly, some power tools can lead to serious injuries. According to, nailguns and chainsaws cause the largest number of injuries. Other dangerous power tools include saws, power drills, and air compression devices. If your employer requires that you use a power tool on-the-job, you have every right to seek compensation for your injuries. However, many employers fail to seek the compensation they deserve because they fall for one of several myths.

Myth 1: My Employer Must Carry Workers' Compensation Insurance

Some states require that all employers carry workers' compensation insurance, but workers' compensation insurance is entirely optional in Texas. Other states only require workers' compensation under certain circumstances such as if your employer only employs a few workers. Under these circumstances, you must contact a personal injury attorney if you are considering suing your employer.

Myth 2: I'll Always Be Qualified for Workers' Compensation Benefits

Independent contractors do not receive workers' compensation benefits, but if your employer was negligent, you may still be entitled to compensation for your power tool injury by suing your employer directly.

Myth 3: I Shouldn't Seek Compensation for a Minor Injury

Injuries that might seem minor can lead to chronic pain and disability. For this reason, you should always see a doctor after you are injured and speak with a personal injury attorney to determine the extent of your injuries. Do not let your employer or his insurance provider offer you a low settlement that does not even cover your medical expenses. 

Myth 4: Workplace Injuries Are Inevitable

When a workplace adheres to safety guidelines, such as those mandated by the OSHA, some workplaces can have a surprisingly low number of injuries. Therefore, if you become injured by a power tool, there's a great chance that:

  1. Your employer didn't purchase the right equipment
  2. You were not given the necessary PPE
  3. You not trained on how to safely use the power tools

There are very few accidents that are not preventable at all. Some employers believe that it is simply too expensive to prevent an accident, but the costs of an accident often exceed that of implementing the necessary protective equipment. 

Myth 5: I Will Have to Go to Court

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. You should only consider taking your case to trial if you are advised to do so by a personal injury attorney so you can reach a settlement more quickly and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

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