Use Caution When Talking To A Defendant's Auto Insurance Provider

Posted on: 20 March 2020

When seeking compensation for damages caused by a car accident, you might expect to spend time in the courtroom. However, in most cases where a defendant pursues litigation, the matter is settled out of court. Also, you may not even speak with the defendant at all and may instead work with his or her insurance provider. It's essential that you avoid making one of several common mistakes when communicating with an insurance provider.

Beware of the First Settlement Offer

Never accept the first settlement offer. The goal of the defendant's insurance provider is to offer you the lowest settlement possible. The first offer will always be lower than what you may be able to receive. You might be tempted to accept the offer to simply get the situation over with, but you may then find that you have not been compensated enough to pay for car repairs, injuries, time off from work and counseling sessions. 

Instead, you will want to avoid settling the claim until you have made a full physical and psychological recovery. Only then will you know the extent of the damages. A motor vehicle collision attorney will make a higher settlement offer and will help you negotiate the best settlement possible. He or she will negotiate in a manner that is aggressive enough to get the best possible outcome.

Beware of Final Checks

Be careful when accepting a check that is listed as being "final." Once you have accepted this check, you'll have a very difficult time seeking further compensation from the insurance provider for the same incident.

Avoid Making Written or Recorded Statements

Do not create a written statement or make any admissions while being recorded. These statements can later be used to justify a lower settlement offer. Instead, wait until you have spoken with a motor vehicle collision attorney before you speak with the insurance provider.

Know What Your Claim is Worth

Making an offer can be very difficult because you may not have any idea how much your claim is worth. This can be difficult to calculate and if you ask for an excessively high settlement, the insurance provider may be less willing to take your claim seriously. Therefore, you'll need help from an experienced motor vehicle collision attorney who will help you figure out how much your claim is worth. Do not wait too long because there are time limits for how soon you'll be able to make a claim.

To know more about getting the right settlement offer, contact a motor vehicle collision attorney near you.


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